Thovez11 comes from the idea of creating a house for those who choose not to give up anything.

Thovez11 comes from the idea of creating a home for those who choose not to give up anything.
The prestigious avenue Thovez11 complex is located in Turin in the exclusive Crimea area and combines in itself all the ideal ingredients of contemporary living.
The philosophy that guided the project foresees the perfect balance among the elements: the proximity to the city centre is accompanied by the tranquillity of a hilly context; the energy efficiency and the cutting-edge construction solutions follow the shapes of historical architecture; the quiet of the green is ensured by security systems and latest generation home automation.

Who we are

Thovez11 S.p.A. is an initiative

The Ferrero Spa Group is an important company based in Turin that has been operating for over 60 years both in Italy and abroad in diversified activities among which: production of hydroelectric power and renewable source energy, with plants in Italy and South America, trade, distribution and representation of iron and steel products for industry and construction, steel processing and laying for construction of buildings and large infrastructures, besides various industrial and financial investments, real estate and agricultural activities.


Gedim was founded in 1979 as a brokerage and real estate consulting company. It operates immediately throughout the national territory on behalf of important business and financial groups. In recent years, in Turin, Gedim has dealt with marketing of some of the most important residential development projects, such as the redevelopment of the historic former Ceat factory, the former headquarters of the Exor offices in Corso Matteotti and the La Salle residence in Gran Madre.

Construction Company

From 1905 up to date, the Colombo Company has proposed itself as a company that combines the highest quality with respect for the environment and safety. It has always carried out prestigious interventions, especially of a residential nature. Among recent works it included the Bosco Verticale of Stefano Boeri in Milan and the Nuvola di Cino Zucchi, the new Lavazza Management Office building in Turin.


The Fusari Studio

Architect Franco Fusari has acquired a specific expertise in the design of new residential developments, in restoring buildings of historical interest, subject to restrictions by the Superintendency, and in the renovation and restructuring of buildings that characterise the historical structure of the city.

Studio Appendino Deorsola & Partners

The Appendino Deorsola & Partners Studio operates in the architectural and urban field. In the residential sector, it has developed high-standing projects, both in the context of new projects and in restoration, renovation and restructuring of important historic buildings.


The Genta Ternavasio Studio

The Genta Ternavasio Studio is specialised in interior and landscape architecture. The projects concern interventions of constructive, conservation, decoration and furnishing operations, in private houses, commercial establishments, parks and gardens, public spaces.


Civil Construction Engineer Vittorio Neirotti

Civil Construction Engineer Vittorio Neirotti
The civil construction engineer Vittorio Neirotti has been in charge of Planning and Project Management since 1971. In Turin we find some of his most significant achievements among which the restructure and restoration of the Rossini Auditorium and the Turin Loft Residential complex (former Ceat). The Dal Verme Theater – Rai in Milan and La Nuvola, the new Lavazza Management Office in Turin, currently being completed, stand out among the numerous works of General Project Management.